Turkey. Water. Salt. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Applegate deli meats have all of the great taste that you want, without the junk that you don't. No antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites. Who wants a sandwich?
A healthy hot dog? With great taste too? That's right! Now you can give them what they want and not feel guilty. Applegate hot dogs are made with simple ingredients that you can feel good about. No antibiotics and no added nitrites or nitrates. Everyone's happy!
As our Founder likes to say, "Life's too short not to have a little Sunday Bacon on your spinach salad." It's also too short not to make the occasional midnight BLT! You know what we’re talking about. Careful, the smell is going to wake up the kids.
Convenient, lean protein that you can feel good about. That’s a pretty darn good way to start your day. Of course our breakfast sausages are also delicious and antibiotic free. See? Mornings aren’t so bad. Have a good one!
With Chicken Strips, Patties and Nuggets there are lots of different varieties, but each of them are convenient, delicious and have simple ingredients. Of course kids love them, but we see Mom and Dad sneaking quite a few too. Good thing we’ve got the Family Size bag.
You know that saying about watching laws and sausages being made? Yeah, that doesn't apply here. Applegate sausages have simple, delicious ingredients that you can feel good about. Nothing to hide here. Actually, you may want to hide a pack in the back of the fridge.
Sometimes good things take time. That’s the story with making our Traditional Italian deli items. Natural Pepperoni? Several weeks. Organic Genoa Salami? Several months. Authentic Prosciutto? Nearly a year. Time in your fridge? Less than a day. Better grab two packs.
These tender juicy strips are already cooked, so you’ll be able to whip up a delicious meal in no time, which means you’ll have lots of extra time on your hands to wreak havoc – or take a nap. Available in two varieties; Southwestern-style or simply Grilled.
There’s a saying that cheese is milk's leap toward immortality. That’s a pretty cool thought. There’s also an old saying that a meal without some cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye. Immortality it is.
A burger you can feel good about! The only worry you’ll have with our Turkey Burgers is which organic cheese to top them with. This is a good problem to have! We’ll have a Turkey, with Swiss.
Gluten Free AND full of fun flavor! Food-on-a-stick just got a bit cooler and quite a bit healthier. You can now cross off one of those reasons to run away to hit the carnival circuit. Tilt-a-whirl not included.